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15 Jobs That Will Shrink the Fastest Over the Next Decade

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The Brookings Institution issued a report in 2019 saying that about one-quarter of all American jobs “will have experienced high exposure to automation” by 2030. That’s another way to say that robots and artificial intelligence will remove nearly 25% of jobs from the workforce.

Nearly a quarter-century ago, Jeremy Rifkin startled America with his book “The End of Work,” in which he articulated how “computers, robotics, telecommunications, and other cutting-edge technologies are fast replacing human beings in virtually every sector” of the economy.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently projected estimates on the fastest-declining occupations from 2019 to 2029, with many of them expected to decline by well over 20%, meaning hundreds of thousands of lost jobs in a decade.

Read on to check out the jobs expected to see the greatest decline by 2029.

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