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5 Important Choices that Make Life Worth Living and Success Taste Sweeter

As we start another year, you’re probably thinking about your life goals, dreams, aspirations, and what you want to accomplish. We know that New Year’s resolutions have gotten a bad reputation because most people lose focus after the first few months and the first signs of resistance.

Starting your year with goals, resolutions, or whatever you want to call them should be a part of your plan because constant growth in our lives is the key to happiness and fulfillment. Success happens when we push in our lives and make daily choices that lead to our best selves. 

Each human being has different goals and aspirations. The idea of happiness will hold another significance for each of us. We long for a happy life and freedom to control our time and live on our terms. We long to wake up, spend our precious time on the important things to us, have the opportunity to experience growth, and use each day to learn more ways to love life. 

Life is hard for everyone. It doesn’t go as we planned, and circumstances throw a lot at us. Life challenges can often make us feel like we’re stuck trying to escape through coping mechanisms that aren’t the healthiest. 

Despite what’s happened in your journey or where you are right now in your growth, you can live a happy life. You can create success on your terms and spend your time doing what fulfills you.  Success starts in your mind, and then it’s manifested through the choices you make.

Here are five important decisions that can lead to a happy life with more purpose and fulfillment:

1. Create a Revenue Producing Situation that Fulfills You

It’s not uncommon to spend more than forty hours a week doing some sort of job, business, or a hybrid model. That’s a long time to spend in your week stuck in what doesn’t fulfill you, or even worse, a place you hate. 

The feelings, emotions, and consumption of mental bandwidth will affect the other areas of your life. We live in a different time that’s filled with opportunities to defy what’s possible revenue-wise. 

Access to knowledge and the avenues to create wealth are extraordinary. You can use the Internet, social media, technology, and software to find your dream career or start and grow a business that suits your passion. Use what’s available for leaders today to create a revenue-earning situation that fulfills your goals and brings purpose to building wealth. 

“Life is about choices. Some we regret, some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever. The message: We are what we chose to be.” – Graham Brown

Like our revenue earning situation, our relationships also have a tremendous effect on our growth. There are many types of relationships, and they can bring us joy or frustrate us into mental wellness challenges. 

Relationships are hard because love and emotions are involved, and you probably know that love is not often rational. Any relationship that is toxic can rob you of happiness and derail your path to success. 

We have to make the hard choice to purge negativity from our lives in any form, and relationships is a major one. If you have good relationships, go all-in and choose to grow together.

3. Step Beyond Comfort

It’s not easy to step into what scares us and go beyond what our mind tries to convince us is possible. As kids, we’re taught to follow the rules. We learned to stay between the lines and do what society considers normal. We were encouraged to live within our comfort zone. If you follow that advice into adulthood, you miss an opportunity for growth and adventure. 

To grow as a success-focused human being, you have to embrace new things and figure out what’s right for your life. Stepping outside of your comfort zone every day is the key to creating a blueprint for a happy and fulfilling experience. 

4. Energize Your Wellness

Your health and energy are essential to living a long and success-filled life. Making daily healthy choices gives you the energy you’ll need to push harder and create significant changes in your life. What you put in your body affects how you feel and your attitude towards yourself and the world. Make healthy choices as it will be a contributor to your success. 

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you.” – John C. Maxwell

5. Don’t Let Complacency Win

We have a lot to be thankful for despite any challenging situations we may be currently facing. We should have an attitude of being thankful, but we should never confuse being grateful with complacency. You can be grateful while still striving for more. You have significant goals for specific reasons. Never let complacency teach you to settle for less than you want and deserve to have. 

You can have a fantastic year, earn more money, foster better relationships, and accomplish every resolution/goal you set. You can live a fulfilled life on your terms, but more than that, you deserve to spend each day living your best life. Make the crucial choices that lead to sweeter tasting success. 

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