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How Much Sleep Do You Need? The Sleep Routines of 50 Ultra Successful People

How much sleep do high-achieving CEOs, entrepreneurs, and artists need to fuel their ambitions? It’s well known that a good night’s sleep has lots of benefits, from lower stress and better emotional resilience, to healthy immune systems and lower risk of certain diseases. Uninterrupted sleep usually makes for sharper focus and concentration, too. Surely that means that getting a good nights’ sleep should be high on the agenda of anyone aiming at success

When it comes to highly successful people, it seems that some don’t value sleep as highly as the doctors recommend. Online Mattress Review have created a new infographic, The Sleep Routines of Successful People, which shares the sleeping hours and evening activities of famous achievers. From artists, entertainers, and sportspeople, to leaders in business and politics, it seems that, like the rest of us, priorities can differ when it comes to how time is best spent.

Some of the most famous and powerful people seem to get by on very little sleep. America’s 45th President, Donald Trump works until after midnight, and gets only 3 hours of sleep. Also in the 3-hours club is the famously grumpy celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, who works until 2am. Lack of sleep certainly hasn’t stopped either from being incredibly successful and well-known. 

“Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

At the other extreme, actress Kim Kardashian and environmental activist Greta Thunberg make unlikely bedfellows, with each getting a refreshing 9 hours of sleep per night. Their evening activities differ though, with Kardashian working until late and Thunberg relaxing with friends and good books. Highly successful people are able to find the routine that works best for them.

Check out the infographic below to see the sleep routines of 50 highly successful people:

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