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You Weren’t Born To Transcend Yourself, You Were Born To Become Yourself Completely

You were not born to spend your life trying to fix every piece of you until it is made perfect.

You did not come into this life with the intent of simply witnessing all of your inadequacies and failures and then spending the rest of your years repenting.

You do not exist only for the sake of trying to be enough.

You are alive to become yourself completely. You are here to embody the full entirety of who you are, to build your own world within this one. When you do this, you change all of existence, you alchemize reality, you alter the currents of experience, you leave your permanent imprint on all that is around you.

You cannot have impact if you just spend your time circling around yourself, asking, wondering, and checking whether or not you appear to be enough.

You will not feel fulfilled if your only ambition is to see yourself through other people’s eyes.

The honest truth is that so many of us falsely believe that we have to repent in some ongoing way, that who and what we are is so inherently broken and flawed, the only way to exit the labyrinth of our own suffering is to become something that we aren’t.

The journey is really remembering that you are already exactly who you are supposed to be, and when you can express that whole truth in every detail and aspect of your life, two things happen: you finally feel at ease, and at peace, and then others around you are given permission to be themselves as well.

You are enough for your own life.

You were born with the exact interests, skills and talents that you need in order to fulfill your own unique destiny.

You are not supposed to be like the world, you are supposed to change the world.

You are not supposed to sink to the level of consciousness that most people function at, you are supposed to rise above it and show that there is another way.

Your path is not to fix yourself into self-love, but to love yourself regardless, and then watch everything effortlessly fall into place.

You do not need to heal, you are already healed.

You do not need to change, you are already changed.

You do not need to ascend, you have already ascended.

The reason for your being in this body, in this world, at this moment, is so that you can re-trace the steps of what you’ve already done and become. The blueprint is within you, your wholeness is inherent.

What feels empty and out of alignment is that you have yet to anchor that full self into your current reality. You have yet to make your own world reflect the world within you. And so you remain living in other people’s worlds, trying to match up to their ideals, standards, dreams, and needs.

Because that’s really what trying to fix yourself is — to become the right person for a life that isn’t yours.

Imagine all that you could do if you sat up right in this very moment, realized you have everything you need, you are everything you desire, and what you thought were the fractures was actually the design.

You would be free.

You would be free to create, you would be free to seek beauty, you would be free to anchor all of yourself into this moment, to create your own heaven, and then to remember — it was within you all along.

Because hurt people hurt people, and healed people healed people. And if you want to change the world, you don’t need to spend another moment living in the shadows of other people’s pain, insecurities, and fear.

You are allowed to carve your own home out of the unknownness that is your existence, you are allowed to extract joy from the innermost part of you, you are allowed to see yourself through your own eyes, the ones that know you did not come here to spend your life fixing yourself, you came to remember that you are already whole.

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